iPhone frames showing generated pdf invoices with InvoiceBot

Professional Invoice Templates

We have a wide range of customizable invoice templates. Choose a design that fits your style, change the colors to your company's corporate identity and add your business's logo to it.

Every predefined placeholder on the template can be changed plus we support multiple languages for templates which may be important for you if you live in a border region.

To give your invoice the final touch you can also add your signature to it.

Your data is stored securely

We automatically back up your data constantly in the background. You loose your phone? No problem, after you logged in to the app you can download the latest backup to your new device and you're ready to go again.

No need for you to worry about your business data, we got you covered.

You can also export your data as CSV to hand it to your accountant or save it additionally on a safe place of your liking.
iPhone frame showing InvoiceBot export possibilities
iPhone frame highlighting a customer signature on an invoice

Get your customer's signature

Have you ever been in need of your customer's signature? We certainly have, that's why we added a state of the art signature system. Your customers can sign your documents and you'll get notified as soon as they do.

How does it work?

While creating a new invoice or offer, you scroll to the signature section and flip the signature switch. That's the only thing you need to do.

When your customer receives your document and presses the download button, he will be informed that he needs to sign it. Once it's signed, you'll get notified and the signature is downloaded to your device for you to verify it.

Email Receipts

Have you ever sent an invoice and you were wondering if you customer got it and has also read it?
We have been in a situation like that before, that's why we added read receipts to all documents that are send via our email service.

How does it work?

Per default when you send a message via our email service, we'll track changes to that happen to the sent message. When your customer opens your message or downloads your document we'll send a notification to your device. Stay informed, stay ahead of your business.
iPhone frame showing InvoiceBot notifications
iPhone frame showing the InvoiceBot dashboard

How is your business doing?

Get a quick overview of how your business is doing, with our carefully design dashboard. We extract the most important key metrics and give you all the needed informations at a glance.

Have you ever missed that an invoice was overdue and not payed yet? No problem there is an extra entry for that, plus we'll notify you when an invoice gets overdue within the next 24hrs.

Too lazy to type?

We got you covered, we developed an advanced voice input system that allows you to create invoices by simply talking to our app.

How does it work?

Simply press the microphone button on the jobs screen. After that the app will ask you a series of questions. It will try to detect customers in your customer database as well as articles that you might have used before.

Once you went through all the question you'll be presented with the final document and you can simply sent that to your customer.
iPhone frame showing how to create invoices with your voice in InvoiceBot
iPhone frame highlighting the payment methods PayPal and Stripe

Want to get paid faster?

On average our customers get paid within 7 days. You might wonder why, this is actually due to the fact that our customers offer their clients a possibility to pay online using either PayPal or Stripe as a payment platform.

How does it work?

Simply create a new invoice and flip the switch for either PayPal or Stripe or both. If you didn't provide any account details for this platforms before, the app will ask you to do so.

For PayPal you'll need your PayPal email address, For Stripe you'll either have to log in to your Stripe account or create a new one.

Once this process is setup and you send your invoice to your customer, they will see an option to pay your invoice online. If they choose to do so, which they will out of convenience, you'll be notified that a payment was made.

The best app for your business.

Downloading and creating an account only takes a minute and in two minutes you’ll be sending your first invoice.